Answering: “The timebox for a Daily Scrum is”

Timebox for the Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is a critical event in the Scrum framework that helps the team coordinate and plan their work for the day. Here’s an analysis of the timebox for the Daily Scrum:

Exam Question

The timebox for a Daily Scrum is? (choose the best answer)

  • A. The same time of day every day.
  • B. Two minutes per person.
  • C. 4 hours.
  • D. 15 minutes.

Correct Answer

D. 15 minutes.


Why D is Correct

The Daily Scrum is time-boxed to 15 minutes. This ensures the meeting is quick and focused, allowing the team to synchronize their activities and plan their work for the next 24 hours without significant interruption to their workflow.

Key Points

  • Efficiency: A 15-minute timebox keeps the meeting short and focused.
  • Consistency: Ensures the team has a daily routine for planning.
  • Focus: Helps the team concentrate on the most important tasks and impediments.

Roles and Responsibilities in Scrum

  • Developers: Participate in the Daily Scrum to synchronize their work and plan for the next 24 hours.
  • Scrum Master: Facilitates the Daily Scrum and ensures it stays within the 15-minute timebox.
  • Product Owner: May attend to stay informed but does not typically participate.

Relevance to the PSM I Exam

Understanding the timebox for the Daily Scrum is crucial for the PSM I exam. This knowledge helps candidates recognize the importance of time management in Scrum practices.


The Daily Scrum is time-boxed to 15 minutes to ensure it is quick and effective. This helps the team stay focused and maintain a consistent daily planning routine.

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