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PAL I Free Quiz - ScrumPrep
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Taking the this quiz will allow you to create a baseline of your Agile Leadership knowledge, from which you can start improving immediately. The PAL I Quiz is free of charge. Full practice exams can be found in the Exam Prep for Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I™).


  • PAL I™ Sample Exam Pool

    10 randomly selected questions from a larger pool

  • Uncover Knowledge Gaps

    Gain valuable insights into your current proficiency and discover areas for improvement

  • PAL I Categories & Focus Areas

    Facilitation, Self-Managing Teams, Empiricism, Product Value, Leadership Styles, Events, Forecasting & Release Planning, Accountabilities, Stakeholders & Customers, Scrum Values, Organizational Design & Culture, Quality, Evidence-Based Management, Emergent Software Development

  • Simulated Exam Environment

    Become accustomed with your timing and focus without unnecessary distractions

  • Developed by Exam Experts

    Realistic questions vetted by experienced exam experts

  • Fully Updated

    Conforms to the latest Scrum Guide, Evidence-Based Management Guide, and exam specifications

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