Answering: “When is the Sprint Backlog created”

When is the Sprint Backlog Created?

The Sprint Backlog is a crucial component in the Scrum framework, guiding the team on what to achieve in a Sprint. Here’s an analysis of when the Sprint Backlog is created:

Exam Question

When is the Sprint Backlog created? (choose the best answer)

  • A. Prior to Sprint Planning.
  • B. During the Sprint Retrospective.
  • C. During refinement.
  • D. During Sprint Planning.

Correct Answer

D. During Sprint Planning.


Why D is Correct

The Sprint Backlog is created during Sprint Planning. This event involves the entire Scrum Team and is dedicated to defining what can be delivered in the Sprint and how that work will be achieved. The Sprint Backlog includes the Sprint Goal, selected Product Backlog items, and a plan for delivering them.

Key Points

  • Sprint Planning: The event where the Sprint Backlog is created.
  • Collaboration: The entire Scrum Team collaborates to select items and create a plan.
  • Guidance: The Sprint Backlog provides clear guidance on what the team aims to achieve during the Sprint.

Roles and Responsibilities in Scrum

  • Developers: Work with the Product Owner to select items and create the Sprint Backlog.
  • Scrum Master: Facilitates Sprint Planning, ensuring that the team creates a viable Sprint Backlog.
  • Product Owner: Prioritizes and selects the most valuable items for the Sprint Backlog during Sprint Planning.

Relevance to the PSM I Exam

Understanding when the Sprint Backlog is created highlights the importance of Sprint Planning in the Scrum framework. This knowledge is crucial for the PSM I exam and for effectively implementing Scrum practices.


The Sprint Backlog is created during Sprint Planning, involving the entire Scrum Team in selecting and planning the work for the Sprint. This process ensures that the team has a clear and achievable plan for the Sprint.

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