Answering: “Who starts the Daily Scrum?”

Who Starts the Daily Scrum?

The Daily Scrum is a critical event where the team coordinates their activities for the day. Understanding who initiates this meeting is vital:

Exam Question

Who starts the Daily Scrum? (choose the best answer)

  • A. The Product Owner.
  • B. The person who has the token.
  • C. Whoever the Developers decide should start.
  • D. The Scrum Master. This ensures that the Developers have the event, and it stays within the timebox.
  • E. The person coming in last. This encourages people to be on time and helps to stay within the timebox.

Correct Answer

C. Whoever the Developers decide should start.


Why C is Correct

The Daily Scrum is a self-organizing event, meaning the Developers decide how it is conducted. This includes deciding who starts the meeting. The Scrum framework emphasizes team autonomy and self-management, allowing the team to determine the best approach for their Daily Scrum.

Key Points

  • Self-Management: Scrum encourages teams to be self-managing and autonomous.
  • Flexibility: Teams can decide the best approach for conducting their Daily Scrum.
  • Efficiency: Allowing the team to choose who starts can make the meeting more efficient and effective.

Roles and Responsibilities in Scrum

  • Developers: Decide who starts the Daily Scrum and conduct the meeting to plan for the next 24 hours.
  • Scrum Master: Facilitates the Daily Scrum and ensures it adheres to Scrum principles.
  • Product Owner: Typically does not start the Daily Scrum but may attend to stay informed.

Relevance to the PSM I Exam

Understanding the self-organizing nature of the Daily Scrum and the role of the Developers in conducting it is crucial for the PSM I exam. This knowledge helps candidates recognize the importance of team autonomy in Scrum practices.


The Developers decide who starts the Daily Scrum, emphasizing the self-organizing and autonomous nature of Scrum teams. This approach ensures that the meeting is conducted efficiently and effectively.

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